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p8 file, possible?

Why You dont publishing on android ? I think it would become successful ..

I love the PICO-8 music, very charming and fun puzzler!

Great concept and puzzle design!

this game is beautiful, i love every detail ★


I liked the complexity of the puzzles, they've been designed really well.

love it exept for level twelve


Very nice game, the low penalty for failed attempts creates a super chill atmosphere.


This is amazing! so calm and cozy! maintains a very quality simple cute aesthetic!

Really nice game.

I just wish there would be a way to buy a windows version. I just can't get engaged with browser games.

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Walkthrough with optimal (?) scores.

Do comment with your scores if you were able to achieve better on any of the levels. Overall a fun game with excellent mechanic and puzzles.

Moves score:

Level 01 - 05: 47,  27,  32,  35, 70
Level 06 - 10:46,  107,  64,  111,  46
Level 11 - 15:69,  97,  60,  110,  80
Level 16 - 20:41,  96,  95, 104,  82
Level 21 - 25:114,  137,  155,  124,  72
Level 26 - 30:178,  134,  89,  131,  119

this was really helpful, tysm !!

really fun!

What a great game. Thanks for all the fish and fun!

This is such a cute and fun little game! I love the artwork and also the workout my brain is getting :D

loved this game and amazing puzzles

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Great game!

I loved this game. So much fun!
I made a video of it on my Channel

When's the walkthrough?

I really enjoyed this! The final boss puzzle made me laugh once I figured what to do. I found level 26 the trickiest, but I liked them all.

Great cozy puzzle game! Fun original mechanics. I'm a fan.

Very fun puzzle game! I tried to get minimum score:

Level 1-10: 47, 27, 32, 35, 82, 46, 107, 64, 108, 46

Level 11-20: 97, 105, 60, 114, 80, 41, 119, 101, 104, 107

Level 21-30: 120, 144, 155, 132, 95, 172, 142, 92, 156, 186

Total: 2916

Curious to know what the optimal scores are.

Very high quality and approachable puzzles. The boss levels are an excellent touch!

Neat game! I liked the boss battles and the little details, eg the !!s on the character, the crab lurking out of the playable area, the fishing line reel, etc. Saw your last dev log - sorry to hear things have gone so rough for you! Definitely know the feeling...

Great game, nice work! The whole presentation is very cute and some levels were pleasantly tricky.

I've quite enjoyed the levels I've played so far, it's a nice game! Didn't work on Firefox on my Android but it did on another browser. 

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This is a really good game!