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I love the concept!! I couldn't stop playing until I finished all levels! Congratulations for such a nice design. If you need music or sound effects just write me!!

Thanks, glad you liked it! I've already got a talented sound designer/composer, thanks anyway.

I know you're hard at work with the Defold version of this game, but it'd be awesome if the PICO-8 version got some love some time in the future too! For starters it'd be nice with a save feature, which is really easy to add. And it doesn't look like the game's on the BBS? It'd be great if you submitted it there so it can be easily found on Raspberry Pi PICO-8 devices etc :) Awesome game, looking forward to the full version!

Thanks! I do intend to back-port the finished game to PICO-8, when I do I'll add that version to the BBS. It'll be a long while yet though.

Would you mind uploading this version to the BBS, in the work in progress section maybe? would be great to find it from splore and play on handhelds :)

is level 6 impossible?

Is there a way to go back one step?


No, you have to reel it all the way back in. This was done intentionally to discourage players from brute-forcing the solutions and instead force more thoughtful, slower, confident movement. It is a little punishing at first though, or when you inevitably hit the wrong key by mistake.

love the concept. Really great concept for the jam :D

Very nice, I like this idea!


Great job!