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What an amazing adventure!

Loved the game enjoyed the story nice work

Thanks for the game!

This is the best promotion for both PICO-8 and your game. After playing this I got genuinely interested in those things, and it's telling a lot!

As a game developer myself I would also like to thank you for the realistic and honest portrayal of an indie game developer's work and life. Although it all ended happy and safe for you (I assume), the sheer amount of stress and crunch involved in making your game is just shocking. As proud as I am of your work, I also think that no product or work of art should be made under such crushing conditions.

Great game. Super Autobio. Supported with $$$. Well done.

Played it and LOVE IT!

Thanks for the experience.


Thanks for this trip, I loved being part of it. incredible!


An inspiring story, done in a perfect medium. Graphics is amazing — so many little details! I especially liked the flight from London to Chicago. Thank you!

Loved your story, and what a great medium to tell it from!

Well done! We need more games about game makers!

Cool game, and very interesting story.

Beautiful and very relatable. A great way to journal your experiences, too.


This is, quite frankly, one of the best things I played this year.

Great story C:.

I know that struggle C:.


I remember the game too. I think I played it once. Pretty awesome Bitsy game you have here as well. Because Bitsy has no music I would recommend "Beams" from Tape to it. I just listed to it and played the game. Also neat idea with teh sections on the screen. Thanks