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I originally created this editor during the development of AMPS - A Musical Platforming Symphony and it was used to design all of the particle effects in that game.


  • PFX editor with full GUI controls and live preview
  • Lots of options including particle size, rotation, color, speed, emitter shape, emission angle, shrink over time, multiple textures etc.
  • Randomize the effect for inspiration / accidental discoveries / fun
  • Saves to proprietary text-based .pafx file format (human-readable, easy to parse)
  • Includes example C++ code for parsing .pafx files and emitting, updating and rendering particles. Also includes gravity wells and a function pointer to be called on particle death (can spawn particles from particles!)
  • Full documentation for editor and example code

I'd like to come back to this editor at some point and add all sorts of features as well as give full C++ rendering implementations for OpenGL and DirectX. You can read more about where this project came from here.


The program comes with 8 example effects. The first 3 demonstrate specific features:

  • rocket - A very basic point emitter for a rocket trail
  • plus_minus - Shows how effects can have multiple textures
  • smooth - Textures can be used to make non-rectangular particles

The other 5 are effects we shipped with AMPS:

  • collectable - Lazily drifting musical notes
  • laser_beam - A crackling energy beam
  • laser_collision - What happens when a beam hits a wall
  • player_die - The player disintegrating upon death
  • player_respawn - A reversal of the disintegration effect


This program and the example code are provided under the zlib license, which basically means you can do whatever you want with it and I can't be held liable. Any effects you create belong entirely to you. Attribution is not necessary, but I'd love to hear from you if you use this for anything!


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