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This is an early prototype that I was working on with a friend in our spare time. We had to cancel it because we both ended up being too busy, but it's at least far enough along that it's kinda fun and you can see where we were going with it. I'm using the 'early prototype' status to excuse the terrible performance (there's a lot of lights).

  • Left and right to change lanes, spacebar to toggle slow motion.
  • Slow motion uses up adrenaline. Adrenaline fills up over time or when you hit a speed barrier.
  • The big red things are speed barriers. Hitting one speeds up the game and refills your adrenaline meter (you can also cheat and press up and down to change your speed).


  • Super fast gameplay
  • Traffic that avoids and overtakes each other
  • Gorgeous infinite neo-Tokyo highway
  • Awesome slow motion

Art by Toby Cook, programming by Connor Halford.


Super Speed Neo.zip 12 MB

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