What if the Nokia 3310 had a book eReader?


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All included books are part of the public domain and can be freely redistributed.


This project was created in a few days for Nokia Jam 3. The goal was to make something matching the restrictions of the old indestructible Nokia 3310 phone. The main constraints were the two-color palette and the 84x48 resolution.

The Nokia 3310 was actually my first ever phone and my introduction to texting. The font and menus are the most nostalgic elements for me, so I decided to make something that focused on those.

I find it fun to re-imagine common software under such tight constraints. My Nokia Jam 5 entry was Nokia Solitaire.

Source Code and Licenses

The source code for this project is available on GitHub under the MIT license. All included books are part of the public domain and can be freely redistributed. The Nokia font was recreated by Zeh Fernando and is also freely redistributable.

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I was playing Curious Fishing and found this on your page, realized that I recognized it because we had done this Nokia Jam together. Love the idea, very fun.

Ah thank you! Nokia Jam was a lot of fun